You Might Want To Check Your Social Media Profile

Ever check out someone's social media profile before you met them? It's pretty common for coworkers or potential work-clients to peak at your Linkedin profile before they meet you and it's common for potential employers to check you out ahead of time as well.

When you are looking for your next job, you should be prepared that recruiters and hiring managers will look at your Linkedin profile before setting up a phone screen or having you come in for an in-person interview.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they might also look at your Facebook or Twitter profile as well. While many people may not go creeping on your Facebook page before they interview you or make you an offer - why risk it.

Here are a few tips on why you should clean up your social profile.
Showing a few fun pictures of your last vacation or of you cute puppy is fun and acceptable to potential employers. However, as you strive to make the best "first impression", maybe you shouldn't . . .

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It never hurts to look!  There are new jobs being posted every day.  It's time to check out local job opportunities in your area.

Fast Growth Jobs

Want to know the two fastest growing Occupations per the The Bureau of Labor Statistics? Solar Photovolic Installer and Wind Turbine Service Technician.

Ummm . . . yeah, I don't even get up on my roof to clean out my gutters. I can't see myself doing either of those two job. But fortunately, there are a lot of fast growing jobs in a hot job market that I think a lot of us will be interested in pursuing.

Technology has changed the job market and there are a lot of exciting jobs right now in a wide variety of fields, such as Medical, I.T., Marketing and Business. Below are a few jobs listed that you may be interested in researching. Take a quick look and . . .

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There are great jobs out there right now, in your neighborhood and in your area of expertise. One quick check can let you know who is hiring for the hot new job.

Finding The Right Recruiter

It can be hard to find all the job opportunities available in your field and hard to separate yourself from the hundreds of other potential candidates.

There are a number of tactics that you will need to put in place to get this done: create a great resume; expand your network within your industry; keep an eye on the job boards; and connect with the right Agency Recruiters who specialize in your field of expertise.

Since Recruiters get paid by the companies conducting the search, they are constantly building their customer base by working with multiple companies. Therefore, they are often hearing of new job openings well before you ever would.

By connecting with these recruiters you can increase the number of jobs that you are aware of and have a better chance of getting your resume in front of the hiring manager.

As you build your network of recruiters, it is important to remember two things:

( a ) they get paid by the companies that employ them and therefore, they are not really there to help you get a job, but rather they are there to fill the job; and

( b ) part of their job is to see a lot of candidates and therefore, it is important for you to reach out to them on a semi-regular basis.

Don't think that because you spoke with a recruiter a month ago, that they still think you are in the market for any new opportunities. You need to be proactive and keep them informed about your job search.

A great way to identify recruiters in your industry is to search for them on Linkedin and identify recruiters who are a 2nd level connection from you. Take a look at their profile and review their website. If they appear to be a potentially good connection for you, reach out with a brief personal note and ask them to connect.

Odds are they will take a look at your profile and if you appear to be someone that they could place at a company in their area of expertise, they will accept your request. After they accept the request, send them a . . .

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It never hurts to look!  There are new jobs being posted every day.  It's time to check out local job opportunities in your area.