Double Check Your Profile

Ever check out someone’s social media profile before you met them? It’s pretty common for coworkers or potential work-clients to peak at your Linkedin profile before they meet you and it’s common for potential employers to check you out ahead of time as well.

When you are looking for your next job, you should be prepared that recruiters and hiring managers will look at your Linkedin profile before setting up a phone screen or having you come in for an in-person interview.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they might also look at your Facebook or Twitter profile as well. While many people may not go creeping on your Facebook page before they interview you or make you an offer – why risk it.

Here are a few tips on why you should clean up your social profile.

Showing a few fun pictures of your last vacation or of you cute puppy is fun and acceptable to potential employers. However, as you strive to make the best “first impression”, maybe you shouldn’t show them photos of your last drinking binge, or your rant about the political party you oppose.

It’s great to share your opinion, but you need to understand the context in which you share it. Fortunately, that is why the various social media platforms allow you to determine if you are sharing it with friends, or with the public. A great tip would be to think about it before you make it public.

Your Linkedin profile is the most important social media platform you can use when searching for a new job. Have you invested the time needed to make your Linkedin profile as robust as possible?

By taking a quick glance at others in your industry and seeing how they are highlighting their experience, you can get some insight to how potential employers will view your page versus others who might be applying for the same job.

Make sure your profile is up to date and you have shared the key accomplishments for each job. Also, get an updated photo that shows you as a professional – remember, Linkedin is not a dating site and your photo should be appropriate for your profession.

In the end, people will look at your various social media profiles to get a feel for who you are and how you would fit in to their company’s culture. Make a good impression and let them see how great you really are.